Why should you trade Greek Olives & Olive Oil?

Initially, Hellenic means Greek. Hellenic Crops produces only premium Greek Olive Oil & Olives.Greece devotes almost 60% of its land to cultivate olive trees. Provided that 80% of Greek Olive Oil is Extra Virgin, it is easily understood why the Greek EVOO has so many funs around the globe and conquers new ones every day. In many Greek regions, scientists have found fossilized olive leaves dating back to 50,000 to 60,000 years. Most of the main Greek olive varieties remained the same all these thousand years! Resistant, tasty and very nutritious olive varieties throughout all these centuries.

Trading the … tradition for the new culinary trends!

Since a healthy, well-balanced way of life demands new nutrition approaches, olives and extra virgin olive oil are the “old” recipe to the modern dominant trend. Mainly, due to the Greek temperate climate, the rich, rocky soil, the ideal altitude and Greece’s proximity to the sea, the Hellenic Crops’ Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Greek Olives are the cross-section of the Mediterranean Culinary Trends. The Mediterranean Cuisine cannot be separate from Olive products, otherwise it doesn’t exist! Though the Med Diet is globally at its peak as the healthier way of consuming food, it is essential to trade Olives & Olive Oil, especially the premium ones, as Hellenic Crops Inc produces, by strictly selected & fully certified family farmers.

Olive Oil & Olives are Value for Money!

Hellenic Crops Inc considers all new food market trends to provide HoReCa & Retail with awarded Premium Olives & Olive Oil in very reasonable & competitive prices that will boost your sales! Boasting the highest level of certification, we produce, proceed, custom label design and transport fast and safely all Greek Olives and Olive Oil varieties even low minimum order quantities!

Seeking together for value for money Tailor-Made Solutions, we can provide you with our popular:

Olive Oil

  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil “PDO Kalamata”
  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil “PDO Sitia”
  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil unfiltered
  •  Extra Virgin Olive Oil early harvest
  •  Virgin Olive Oil
  •  Refined Oil
  •  Pomace Oil


  •  Kalamata Olives
  •  Green Olives
  •  Stuffed green olives
  •  Cracked olives
  •  Wrinkled olives

In all sizes, whole, pitted, stuffed, with all herbs. In all packaging. In Bulk / for Retail

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