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Hellenic Crops SA adores Greek treasures

We continue our over 100 years family tradition in trading olive oil and table olives. It all started in Syria and Palestine and from 2015 we continue in Greece, in the country with the best olive oil in the world and the excellent table olives.

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Greece has the ideal climate for the cultivation of excellent quality olive oil, table olives, fruits and vegetables. Greece has one of the best climates in the world, the so-called "Mediterranean". It’s the most favorable climate for humans, occurring only at 3% of the world! So, in the best climate for goods and people, we simply produce... the best agricultural goods.

The main factors for choosing our olive oil and olive producers are the right microclimate and the ideal altitude of their fields. We cooperate with the best growers who follow the traditional olive-growing method, thus we give the international market olive oil of all types with the proper organoleptic ingredients and greek table olives of excellent quality. Hellenic Crops SA also owns private fields in Manolada, Ilia, in western Peloponnese, where we cultivate our juicy pomegranates of Acco variety.

We provide our customers tailor made solutions regarding packaging and labelling. For us each client is unique. With reliability and speed, provided all necessary certifications we sell top quality goods in any quantity and packaging, always at competitive prices. Besides, flexibility is our key strength.

The transportation of our products is accomplished by plane, with specific containers-refrigerators, as well as by charter flights for better transit time in the delivery. In addition, we care about the special conditions in the intermediate stations, with refrigerators, in order for the products to be delivered quickly, fresh and safe. Our mere aim is the cargo to be delivered in excellent condition to our consumers around the world.

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